Divorce is a difficult ordeal for many couples. This process could be even more challenging when there are mixed feelings about it in a marriage or when the couple has children. In Galveston, there are many reasons why a divorce might be contested, including concerns about child custody and support, concerns about property division, child abuse allegations, and tax consequences of divorce.

Divorce in Galveston, Texas, is a common and sometimes dreaded event that occurs when spouses decide to end their marriage. If you’re considering divorce in Galveston, Texas, and wish to contest the divorce proceedings, it’s important to hire a divorce lawyer in Galveston who can help you through the process. Hiring a lawyer is often necessary for contesting a divorce because it can be lengthy and complex.

Here are some reasons for contesting a divorce in Galveston

  • The concealment of assets

One of the most popular reasons people contesting a divorce do so is on account of concealed assets. This is because if one spouse has hidden their money, this could make it difficult to establish the true financial position of the couple post-divorce. It can be an expensive and time-consuming process for one partner to find out where all of the money is.

  • The best interests of children

Divorce is never easy. It creates a lot of anxiety for children in the family. The best interest of children should be considered before challenging any divorce proceedings. Children will often get pulled into the divorce case and become the center of attention. They are affected emotionally, mentally, and physically due to their parents’ separation. Children often get placed into unhealthy relationships that they did not choose, such as new step-parents or step-siblings.

  • Spousal maintenance

In divorce, spousal maintenance is a reason for contesting the divorce. Many people believe that this financial payment is an inherent part of a marriage and should not be taken away after a divorce. Spousal maintenance can serve as both emotional and financial support for the non-working spouse. However, it can also be seen as an insult if one spouse is paying more than they earn or paying for something that their partner was supposed to provide before the marriage.

  • Abuse in the marriage

There are many reasons to contest a divorce, one of them being abuse in the marriage. Marriage is an intimate relationship between two people, including emotional, physical, and verbal abuse. The abuser will always be in control of their spouse by discouraging them from speaking up for themselves. Not only does this make it hard for the victim to fight back, but they may stay in the relationship because they fear leaving.

Sylvie Urijah