Vocational courses prepare you for a job; the course you go through is based on manual or practical activities. Vocational training is non-academic in nature, rendering knowledge, skill for a specific occupation or trade. As the name suggests, it is based on vocation. Till recently it was considered to be lower class job related to automobile mechanic or welder and considered as dishonor in the society. As the world economy is developing and evolving, the demand for skilled labor is increasing in both government and private sectors. Many government and private institutions are rendering excellent vocational training to accomplish your career objectives. Vocational Courses by Selmar prepares you to explore the full potential of your profession through dedicated, professional knowledge-based education.

Personal improvement and growth

The institutions educate, inspire and encourage you to reach the summit of your professional career. The knowledgeable, skilled mentors will enrich you; educate you to accomplish your professional dream. The study material will deliver all the information you need as a student. The handbook provides all the information regarding administration and support service. The process of learning includes orientation, language; a devoted instructor who supports you all through the course, helping you for a relevant placement. You can access the online learning portal to develop your skill al through the course. The Unique Student Identifier (USI) will endow all your achievements and qualification. During enlistment, Selmar assists you to obtain this USI number by applying on the USI website.

Learn and Earn

If you are already employed in an educational or care service industry, workplace training will upgrade and hone your skills. While working, taking this vocational course will augment your career potential significantly. A committed teacher will visit your workplace on a regular basis and will support you all through the learning process. You can also opt for a distance learning course. As you are already employed, you can apply the knowledge immediately in your work field. Accessing interactive online learning portal gives you an edge on your professional sphere. One of the major benefits of workplace training is you learn and earn simultaneously. As the dedicated trainer visits your workplace, this turns to be your classroom, you do not have to leave your place of work. You can access your study material through the online learning portal.


Demand for vocational professionals are increasing in the spectrum of the economy be it tourism, information technology, marriage services, cosmetics or in traditional crafts and cottage industry. Vocational education prepares you for your lively hood. Most colleges offer vocational courses, but they lack proper infrastructure and faculty. Few like vocational courses by Selmar offers dynamic, progressive, industry-related courses which unbolt your full potential and create better opportunities. Vocational training is comprehensive, which provide you with an opportunity to follow several careers like child care, aged care, first aids courses, cosmetology, auto repairing and many others. They supplement you with valuable firsthand experience which no other course can provide. Vocational training enhances your performance as it imparts great technical, practical knowledge and experience. It teaches practical knowledge, skill which comes useful while performing various tasks in your workplace.

Sylvie Urijah