Schools around Australia are like any others around the world. They want their students to achieve the best results, and to leave ready to head out towards further education or a career, with a fount of knowledge at their disposal.

Schools continue to take enormous pride in their sporting achievements, which offer their pupils a chance to show skills outside of the classroom. Those who care deeply about this would be well advised to consider arranging an Australian sports tour which will benefit all those who take part in it for many great reasons.

  • It is a wonderful opportunity to allow you to develop as a person and learn. Taking in the sights provided by an international tour immediately will set off lessons in geography, science, and history without the party even realising it as they learn to adapt to new surroundings and take an interest in where they are.
  • The people and life skills that are taught on a sports tour are immeasurable, as invaluable lessons for later life are picked up, such as learning how to deal with setbacks like a defeat outside the normal comfort zone. Being part of a tight knit group will develop the ethics of teamwork and supporting each other when individuals need empathy. Friendships and bonding will emerge along with a pride in representing Australia and the school. Enjoying wins will feel that much more important, which will encourage improvement and listening to advice to achieve the best results.
  • The destinations available when booking through a thoroughly professional company with over 30 years of experience will be invigorating, exciting, and rewarding, whatever sports the experts set up for the school. Playing international fixtures against locals who have the edge in knowing local conditions will soon have a team plying their collective wits to come to terms and deal with such challenges.
  • Friendships will be made with local opposition players which can last a lifetime and further personal reciprocal trips, which offers the possibilities of the trip starting an interest in learning a new language and different customs. Whole new hobbies can be established, which are guaranteed to broaden the mind.
  • Tours are available in a range of locations, which include the UK, ideal for some traditional battles on the sports field, along with South Africa, while a shorter adventure to New Zealand may offer an alternative option. Dealing with the local climate in Sri Lanka is sure to be demanding, while Malaysia and Japan offer something a little different.
  • The tours provide expert coaching and advice from elite athletes in the chosen sport, which will add to the experience and help improve individual performance as well as mental and physical skills being developed.

An overseas sports tour is guaranteed to create memories that will last for a lifetime while providing a great development tool in both improving sports performance and learning vital life skills. It offers a real chance for teams and individuals to shine and do their school and Australia proud.

Sylvie Urijah