Charter schools and traditional public schools are the two common choices for public schools available for the parent to seek admission. Both these types of schools are bound to state regulations and laws than private schools. Let us learn about the differences between these two types of schools.

What are Charter schools?

Charter schools are basically public schools that are not dependent on school districts via contracts with local, or state boards. The fundamental idea of charter schools is that these schools exercise higher independence in return for better answerability.

Like any other public school, these schools are open to every child. They don’t need any entrance exams, don’t charge any tuition fee, and do not participate in federal answerability and state testing programs.

Beacon Academy is among the leading Charter Schools in Crystal, MN.  The school sets up their own “charter” or set of performance standards and rules and are held responsible for them.

What are traditional schools?

Traditional public schools are linked to school districts. They set their curriculums on the basis of state-level education standards. These schools have to conform to education standards that are specified by the state education board.

These schools aren’t exempted from any federal, local laws and state with respect to education. These schools are overseen by the school district that is executed by a constitutionally chosen school board.

How does a charter school differ from a traditional school?

These are following dissimilarities in Charter schools and traditional public schools.


Charter schools are funded on pupil basis and government funds. They can receive private funding, but the amount they receive is less. Traditional public schools are funded partly by state budget funding but majorly via local taxes

Government Regulation

Charter schools run independently but adhere to standards drawn in their charter to secure state funding. Traditional public schools adhere to state-level school board regulations. They are administered by school districts that follow state law. The local school board runs the district.

Teacher Certification

Teachers at Charter schools don’t have to be certified, whereas teachers at traditional public schools have to be certified via the state education board.

Curriculum Flexibility

The curriculum of Charter schools is flexible but held answerable to a performance contract. The curriculum at traditional public schools is decided via the state education board. It is applied by the school ward.


In this way, charter school, and traditional schools differ from each other. Based on your requirement, and preferences, you should choose the right school for your child.

Sylvie Urijah