Active learning is the process of allowing children the time and space in order to learn of their own accord. In a supervised environment, of course, but it is very much a matter of allowing them to explore and experiment with different materials using their senses to guide them. Preschools can help to encourage the natural curiosity that children have and their need to move;

How does it work?

Every child is unique in terms of his or her abilities and interests. Observing the child allows a teacher to provide experiences that stimulate and interest each child in a unique way that best suits them. In the classroom, there should be a wide range of materials to choose from, materials that can be used in a variety of ways to really encourage exploration. The top international school in Bangkok would have a great preschool program and they are a K-12 school.


Children enjoy using their entire body so, when planning activities and gathering materials, all of the senses should be considered, the children should have access to classroom materials during uninterrupted free choice play periods, they require the freedom to make choices independently. There should never be a single “correct” way to use a material or perform an activity, the children should be allowed to get messy, interact with materials, and learn from those interactions. As children grow and develop their skills, more complex materials should be introduced.

By communicating with children and creating a foundation for their learning, the schools and teachers should be actively engaged in activities. This occurs when children’s interests are recognized and encouraged to explore and learn, the children’s activities should not be performed by the teachers, this is very much for the children to learn and grow by themselves whilst being under supervision.

The benefits of active learning in a preschool

From a social perspective and learning to work and play with others there really is no better way for children to learn than when they are engaged in active learning. The great thing about learning in this way within a preschool is that it prepares them for when they move on into the mainstream school system.

The children will be better equipped to deal with everyday tasks and perhaps even know different ways of tackling a task compared to a child that has not been to preschool. If you want to give your child the best start in life then doing some further research into the benefits of preschools as a whole would really be of benefit to both you and your child.

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Sylvie Urijah