The education sector has been expanding and evolving generation after generation to keep up with the ever-changing times. The education industry ranging from teaching to finding exam solutions has evolved from the traditional book-first approach to the new online-centric view today.

Originally paper was the source of all knowledge. Every subject had its textbooks and notebooks that were maintained. Along with this, there were separate publications that made their own set of guides and helpful material to provide extra knowledge and explanations to the students. These were effective but resulted in a huge number of books and physical material at the disposal of the students. Texts, notes, and guide books all amounted to the students getting burdened with a lot of paper material to study from.

The positive to this was of course having various perspectives or avenues where one could study from. Books would be packed with extra knowledge and solutions and helpful materials that gave NCERT solutions or solutions for whatever was required.

Traditional methods like books, libraries & notes came packed with knowledge but navigating through the pile of texts and help material proved to be challenging. Searching for the solution for a particular doubt or question could sometimes be tiresome with the load of material available in hand.

The availability of the internet in almost every home these days has led to a transformation in the way people work and learn. The pandemic especially gave people a chance and the time to use online methods to satisfy their requirements.
Online doubts clearing app is an example of the innovative ways technology has been integrated into the sector of education. Learning is a different process today. One can use online video materials, online notes, google search for research purposes, and online platforms like doubts clearing applications.

Doubts clearing apps like Kunduz can provide personalized guidance and provide a customized learning experience for any student. This is not limited to academics, people have used such online platforms for learning skills and gaining knowledge about various fields. These online methods help save time, effort and eradicate the physical need of having a lot of books and subject material at home.

Evolution and adaptation is what leads to progress. Innovations keep popping up left and right and finding ways to integrate these new inventions into the traditional methods can lead to a rise in ineffectiveness. A mixture of the old and new methods can lead to an increase in efficiency and open new possibilities in the ways of learning, growing, and practicing new skills. Using the modern ways to solve doubts along with the traditional use of books to learn can increase the speed at which a person can lead and grasp new concepts each day.

Sylvie Urijah