Knowing one or more programming languages is the key to getting a good IT job in today’s era when technology is the mainstay of all operations. Programming languages hold the key to the successful operations of our computers, mobiles, and other instruments. These languages comprise a set of instructions to implement algorithms that allow the carrying out of a task.

A language can be for   beginners or advanced computer programmers. Special languages have also been developed for web apps, mobile apps and distributed apps. Some of the most popular languages in use are Python, Java, C/C++ and Swift. Each of these languages differs in terms of their ease of learning and applications. The decision to learn C programming or Java programming will depend on the purpose for which you need it.

Choosing a Programming Language to Learn

Several factors like your existing knowledge and coding skills, the level that you are ready to learn and the purpose for which you need it, help you decide which programming languages to learn. The two most popular programming languages are Java and Python. While the two languages have some similarities, they differ on several other counts.

The similarities are:

  • Both the languages have a strong cross-platform support and standard libraries for reference.
  • Both are object-oriented languages.

Java vs Python

Owned by Software giant Oracle Corporation, Java is a general-purpose programming language widely used for applications on all kinds of platforms including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS because of its Write Once, Run Anywhere capabilities. Java’s portability across platforms makes it highly popular amongst programmers. So, if you learn Java programming, you can use it across varied platforms on mainframe data centers to smartphones.

Here are some key differences between the two:

  • Java basic programs use static object types and enforce discipline amongst programmers and make code run faster while Python is a dynamic language. This difference affects how a programmer designs, writes, and troubleshoots programs.
  • Java programs can run on any device with the ability to run the Java Virtual Machine while Python programs need an interpreter on the target machine for translating the language’s code.
  • Java is known to offer stable connectivity while Python offers weak connectivity.
  • Python is highly suitable for people who wish to go for machine learning and deep learning applications. In comparison to Python, Java is a more complex language, but it continues to be highly demanded. Java programming for beginners is an extensive program that allows learners to design application software for desktop as well as server environments.
  • Python is used to develop animation packages whether 2D or 3D, video games and scientific and computational applications. In contrast to this, Java is used in web and application development and in the backend of popular websites like Amazon, YouTube and even Google.
  • Java coding skills are highly demanded and allow the programmers to access or manipulate the most important computer functions like the file system, graphics, and sound.

The decision to learn Java programming or Python will depend on the purpose for which you need it.

Sylvie Urijah